"It is a beautiful film [that] should be seen by everyone." - D.A. Pennebaker, Oscar-nominated Director




October 23, 2007

Toronto - North-East Pictures and CKLN 88.1 fm Ryerson University Radio Station are proud to be co-sponsoring a benefit film-screening of the award-winning documentary JOURNEY TO LITTLE ROCK: The Untold Story of Minnijean Brown Trickey (Dir. Rob Thompson/ Prod. Maria Yongmee Shin). 

This Canadian social activist was one of the Little Rock Nine -- the nine black teenagers at the centre of the biggest school de-segregation battle 50 years ago at the start of the North American non-violence civil rights movement of the 50s and 60s. 

As part of CKLN's 24th annual fundraising campaign, Ms. Brown Trickey, her son Isaiah Trickey, and Producer Maria Yongmee Shin will be attending the 7pm screening at Revue Cinema, 400 Roncevalles Ave, on October 30, 2007.  The tickets are $10 and will available at the door.

JOURNEY TO LITTLE ROCK is the winner of the top audience awards at the Sprockets Toronto International Film Festival (Best Feature 2004) and at the Oscar-qualifying Chicago International Children's Film Festival (Best of Fest 2003).  It has screened before sold-out audiences across North America, in the U.K., the Netherlands and Africa including at FESPACO, the largest festival in Africa

The success of this documentary has led to a dramatic motion picture daptation being developed by NORTH-EAST PICTURES, with working title HEARTS AND MINDS. 

September 25, 2007, marked the 50th anniversary of the Little Rock school desegregation crisis. Minnijean Brown Trickey alongside the other members of the Little Rock Nine were honoured at a series of commemoration events that led up to a gala for the Little Rock Nine Foundation's Scholarship Fund chaired by former President Bill Clinton and a ceremony at the high school, attended by Bill Clinton and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and covered by the world media. 

As a voice for independent media, CKLN has its own social activist roots.  Celebrating 24 years of broadcasting to the Greater Toronto area, it has expanded its audience on a global perspective through its internet based streaming. CKLN's award-winning programming covers the spectrum of music (blues, soul, rock, reggae, hiphop, country and so much more) to current affairs (both locally and globally).  By joining with NORTH-EAST PICTURES to present this special screening of  JOURNEY TO LITTLE ROCK a common goal is achieved.  CKLN's fundraising goal of $120,000 will ensure another year of critical programming. 

Attached you will find a detailed description of JOURNEY TO LITTLE ROCK and Ms. Brown Trickey's latest project. 

Minnijean Brown Trickey, Isaiah Trickey and Maria Yongmee Shin will be available for interviews Tuesday October 30 and Wednesday October 31.  For more information and interviews please contact:

Heather Douglas: 647-501-5579 or email: hdouglas02@yahoo.ca
Maria Yongmee Shin: 613-323-7654 or email: